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How Often Do You Examine Your Fruit?

If you aren’t growing in godliness, this is a sign of trouble. At the root of failure to grow in godliness is always the spiritual problem of failure to live in Christ. 

1 Corinthians 10:13, Part 3: Will I Be Tempted Beyond My Willpower?

Worth the listen.

4 Things to Reset In Your Life and Ministry

While there’s no reset button in real life, the Lord does give us opportunities to re-adjust our outlook on life or to reconsider how we should spend our time and energy.

Maybe it’s time to “reset” a few things in your life. Here are four to consider.

Pursuing the Will of God as a Student

Throughout high school, I felt drawn to be a professional golfer but also had a call on my life that had been affirmed by others at church for vocational ministry. During my teenage years, I often asked myself, “Is God’s will for my life to go into vocational ministry or to go into professional golf?”

NUGGETS: Suicide

Some good resources on suicide.

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