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The Offensively Ordinary Steps to Godliness

The pursuit of holiness, then, is both easier and harder than many of us imagine: Easierbecause our growth in grace often happens gradually, one small step at a time. Harderbecause sanctification has now invaded all of life. Holiness is hidden in offensively ordinary tasks, and those tasks are all around us.

Seeking God’s Will in Disappointment

Are you struggling to understand God’s will for your life? Are you discouraged about his purpose for you? It’s too easy to misplace our hope in our plans and goals. God’s will is about so much more than just our circumstances, and He is more persistent than our problems too.

Have You Ever Lost Trust in God?

In the times when we feel invisible, we can counter those fickle feelings that tell us we don’t matter with the truth that God will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13 v 5). When the disappointments of life weigh us down, we can remember that God is the lifter of our heads (Psalm 3 v 3). When we feel like we are doing life alone, we can know that it is God who helps us (Isaiah 41 v 10). God also gives us hope in his word. He knows he can be counted on, and he kindly fastens our hearts to his promises.

Write. Record. Release.

We have more God-given, communication resources than any people who have ever lived. Ever! How now should the wise Kingdom steward live in light of the fact: Every computer and cell phone is a recording studio, and book, magazine, and blog publisher?

Sticktoitiveness and the Christian Life

Sticktoitiveness is not something we value today. We are a nation of quitters. We quit jobs, quit towns, quit wives and children, and quit churches at an alarming rate. Just drive around on any Saturday morning for evidence of our quitting ways. Garage sales dominate our neighborhoods and enable us to attempt to receive back some return on our investment for all of the hobbies and life improvement changes we started but couldn’t complete.

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