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Discovering the Secret Journal of Grace

In Ephesians chapter 1, it’s as if the children of God are permitted to thumb through the journal of their heavenly Father. Reading through it, we find out that the experiences that we enjoy so much were carefully and intricately planned. God has set his love on his people before the foundation of the world, and he carried it out in real-time. What’s more, these thoughtful, intricate, and loving plans gave our Father you himself. He loves to shower blessing on his children.

8 Ways to Impact Your Community By Blessing Local Schools

Some good info and ideas here.

Peculiar Passages: the Strange Case of the Forbidden Raisin Cakes

There are plenty of actions and attitudes that the Bible describes as wrong. Lying, thieving, adultery, anger, selfishness, pride, boasting… and eating raisin cakes.

Gospel Encouragement Knocks out Satan’s Lies

Encouragement for the Christian is like the heavyweight boxer going into the ring. Satan is about to land the knockout punch, and then—bam!—before that big-time moneymaker reigns down its terror in comes the counter-punch. Encouragement is the counterpunch to Satan’s lies.

Jesus throughout the Bible

Years ago, someone captured the centrality of Christ in the Bible by identifying the reflection of His image in each book.


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