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What is a forensic faith?

Peculiar Passages: The Case of Paul and the Unexpected Handkerchief

This series has been very informative and helpful. “What do you do when you’re ill? Take two aspirin and lie down until you feel better? Go to see your doctor? Ask someone to pray for you? Maybe even all of those. But my guess is that you don’t wait for someone to bring you a special apron…

Life Lessons from Habbakuk

I love the Minor Prophets. I think they are the hidden gems of the Old Testament. I recently preached on Habakkuk as part of a series on the Minor Prophets in which we’re seeking to draw out what we can learn from these books about God and the gospel. But as I read and digested Habakkuk, I was struck afresh by what a useful resource it is for those facing suffering. Here are a few life lessons I think we can draw from Habakkuk.

3 Reasons We Need to Have Hard Conversations

We see hard conversations in the Bible. Three young men spoke firmly by refusing to bow to the king (Daniel 3). Nehemiah had a hard conversation with Sanballat and Geshem (Nehemiah 6:3). Paul confronted Peter (Galatians 1:14).

These texts tell us hard conversations can be great opportunities. Here are three things edifying things that can come out of them.

Jen Wilkin’s Pop Quiz on the Bible

So, how did you do?

Kindle Deals

I have been sick this week, so haven’t had much time to look for kindle deals. I’ll see what I find tomorrow.

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