The Early Bird Gets The Link

Some good reads in here, the J. Warner Wallace video is worthy the watch, I say through his excellent presentation, it was very good.

God’s Omniscient Wisdom in Our Wilderness Wanderings

Do you ever feel like God has sent you into the wilderness?  I know I do, and being stuck slap dab in the middle of long wilderness wanderings can find us slap dab in the middle of long wilderness wonderings.  Wonderings of “Why do you have me here?” and “Why don’t you get me out of here?!”

Bridging the Thin Blue Line Pt 4 – Why It’s Important to Understand Each Other’s Perceptions

The Big Mouth Problem

You’re less likely to say something stupid if you listen more and speak less.

Leaders need big ears and small mouths.

The Three Most Important Lessons Christians Can Learn in College

Several years ago, I was speaking at a conference for college students. After my talk, I was asked, “What are the most important things that Christian college students should learn while they are in school?”

I don’t remember what I said. I’m not great on the spot, so I imagine my answer was generic and only marginally helpful. But I have thought about that question a lot over the years. 

And now I have an answer:

7 Realities Revealed in the Book of Revelation

We live in a noisy, distracting world which incessantly screams for our attention. But in Revelation, Jesus yells back and reminds His church that He is Lord, that He is coming, and that we need to stay awake to this truth (Revelation 16:15). 

Yes, he uses imagery and symbolism that can seem bizarre and strange at first glance, but He’s not out to confuse us. He’s out to encourage us. 

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