The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here is your daily round up

Learning Money Management from Jesus

Jesus leaves his disciples with a series of questions to ponder about money and possessions, questions with which we can measure our progress in understanding and obedience. These are for private prayer and reflection rather than for public discussion.

How to Enjoy Your Inheritance Today

What is so good about this inheritance? Why is it so wonderful that it can bring us joy on the journey towards it, though “you have been grieved by various trials”?

They Laid Love on the Altar: My Mother’s Letters to Jim Elliot

I immediately recalled a similar conversation with my mother, known by everyone else as Elisabeth Elliot, whom I was apologizing to for not having read every one of her books. She said, “They all say the same thing, Val, so it’s not necessary for you to read them all. Besides, you don’t have time!”

Defending Religious Liberty in a Secular Age

During an era in which many or most Americans view historic and biblical Christianity (especially its teachings on gender and sexuality) as implausible, unimaginable, and even reprehensible, it will be surprising if religious liberty does not increasingly come under attack.

3 Errors That Undermine the Imago Dei When Ministering to the Disabled

We can ask a similar question with regards to the way we approach disability ministry. Our internal quality control may not catch these three errors that ultimately undermine the truth of the imago Dei in the life of a disabled individual.


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