The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here are your links for today.

Nine Traits of a Community-Focused Church

How many of these traits are characteristics of your church?

What God Thinks About How Children Should Be Treated

With the recent immigration problems at the border, what does the Scripture say about how God views children? What should be the response of the church to this issue?

16 Leadership Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

As I soon found out, leadership in the real world is complicated, contextual, and hard. To grow beyond my theories, I had to immerse them into real organizations with real people and real problems.

3 Sources of Joy in Preaching Weekly

Trevin is right on in this article, for years I taught a weekly Sunday School class and then transitioned into bi weekly preaching at a church plant. As I reflected on this article, I am reminded of these joys.

Psalm 78 and Why We Must Tell Our Stories of Redemption

Asaph, the author of Psalm 78, convincingly argues that God’s people must know and share their stories of redemption. In the seventy-two verses of the Psalm, he demonstrates how far astray God’s people can go when they forget his mighty miracles and wonderful deeds. Right in the middle of the Psalm, Asaph reminds us of the surest hope of a forgetful people—our God never forgets to be merciful. Let’s look at how it breaks down:

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