The Early Bird Gets The Link

3 Barriers to Spiritual Growth Faced by Teens Today

7 Ways to Shepherd the Terminally Ill

There’s something about vulnerable, compassionate service in the name of Christ, dependent on the help of the Spirit, that allays such fears. The Lord has called elders to shepherd the flock, even those sheep facing the immediacy of death. How should we shepherd terminally ill church members?

How then shall we watch?

We need to ask a question (one Wax also asks): “At what point does our cultural engagement become just a sophisticated way of being worldly?”

7 Surprising Trends in Global Christianity in 2019

Instead of evaluating Christianity based on a local or even national perspective, a global vantage point can provide a better picture of the status of the faith.

Pharisaism, Money, and the Greatness of God

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