The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here is today’s edition of The Early Bird, some days it is hard to limit it to 5 because there is too much good material. Today is one of those days

How Does God’s Law Apply to Me?

RC Sproul is helpful in answering this question.

“Where should a study of God’s law and its role in the Christian life begin? Some might consider the Ten Commandments the place to start, while others would turn to the book of Deuteronomy. Perhaps very few people might think of starting in the Psalms, but that is precisely where our journey begins.

Want an Extraordinary Marriage? Be an Ordinary Christian.

Yet social science makes it abundantly clear that when married people embrace basic, plain, elementary biblical practices, this behavior powerfully and positively affects their marriages. Allow me to illustrate this by highlighting a handful of the most important aspects of the ordinary Christian life that affect marriage.

10 Quotes on the Christian Life from John Stott

While the Lausanne Covenant may have been Stott’s most significant contribution to modern Christianity, it was far from his only contribution. He wrote over 50 books, including the best-selling primer Basic Christianity and The Cross of Christ, which J. I. Packer called Stott’s “masterpiece.” He also edited The Bible Speaks Today: New Testament commentary series, writing eight volumes himself.

The Biggest Battle in Leadership

The difficult part of leadership is not figuring out a strategy moving forward. Or coming up with three to four goals you hope to accomplish in the next 90 days. Sure doing so can be a challenge, and some people are wired to do so more than others, but you can read a book, attend a conference, or get coaching to help you with things like that. 

The ‘Marks’ of Our Churches: Keeping from Mission Drift

But today I think we need to ask ourselves: What are the things that undergird the church itself?

In other words, what is one level below the purposes? What are the marks?


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