The Early Bird Gets The Link

So much to read so little time.

Would You Accept More Gospel Hostility If It Also Meant More Gospel Openness?

At the very same time there is a growing hostility in the West, many  evangelists, churches and student groups on campuses (now there is some genuine hostility right there), report that there’s never been so much interest in the gospel from people who are searching for something, anything, that might provide a sense of purpose .

Study Finds No Link Between Undocumented Immigrants and Crime Rates

This was an interesting read.

The Heart of the Evangelical Crisis

There is a danger to universalizing one’s personal experience, assuming it applies to others, even an entire body of believers. But I actually believe it worked the other way. For some decades now, as evidenced in my writing, I’ve believed that American Christianity has been less and less interested in God as such, and more and more at doing good things for God. We’ve learned how to be effective for him, to the point that we don’t really need him any longer. It was that continuing concern that finally took hold of me, making me realize that this was not their crisis but a crises we all share.

The Church Today in Cultural Captivity

Christian apologist Os Guinness says that when we look at evangelicalism today, it is the world and the spirit of the age that are dominant, not the Word and Spirit. The church in the U.S. is strong numerically, but weak because it is worldly. The church in America is in the world and of the world; and as a result, it is in profound cultural captivity.


The next two and a half years were the hardest of my life. But knowing what I learned from them, they were, without a doubt, the best years.


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