The Early Bird Gets The Link

Let’s get your Thursday started off with some links.

What a Pro-Life Church Looks Like

A pro-life culture in church doesn’t end at the grave.  A pro-life culture starts on the other side of the grave and is pulled backwards from there into this side of it.

Why is Fear an Evangelical Habit of Mind?

This was an interesting read, is it true? “But history teaches us that evangelicals should be more suspicious about who is stoking that fear, and to what ends. And, if Marilynne Robinson is right—if “fear is not a Christian habit of mind”—we would all do well to consider why it seems to have become an evangelical habit of mind.

What I Really Think About Halloween

If you asked me my favorite holiday, I would probably say Christmas or Easter, but I wouldn’t want to risk saying that while hooked up to a lie detector. The polygraph would probably jump around erratically until I blushingly admitted the truth: it’s always been Halloween.

Christianity: A Spiritual Contact Sport

As I hear many Christians react to the changes in our culture, I hear panic in their voices. In fact, I would say that fear of the changes we are facing in the culture grips and controls many professing believers. 

So, how do we respond to cultural declension and intimidation that we see happening? This is not a new question for Christians. Thankfully, we have a good roadmap in the Bible for how to deal with this. And the examples laid before us involve contexts that are far more difficult than the one we find ourselves in.

Lord, Help Me See Their Destiny

Saving sinners is God’s delight, and it should be ours as well. But too often, we are fearful, shortsighted, and unmoved by the fact that billions of people are on their way to an eternal hell. We need God’s intervention to stir zeal in our hearts for evangelism. What follows are four simple prayers that ask God to help us join him in saving the lost.

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