The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here is your daily links.

On Bible Reading 

Here are some articles concerning reading the Bible and asking certain questions when reading your Bible. Five Great Reasons to Skip Reading Your Bible This Summer, “Summer is here! And we’ve got five great reasons to skip reading your Bible this summer:”

4 Questions You Should Ask When Reading the Bible 

Worth the read.

How Our Unbiblical Views of Forgiveness Perpetuate Our Social Media Outrage

The problem with this cycle is two fold. First, sorry isn’t repentance. Secondly, forgiveness isn’t unconditional. Forgetting these two points is why so many relationships have all kinds of junk bubbling under the surface. And it’s why our media/social media is caught in a vicious cycle of dumb outrage.

Three Untruths You’ve Probably Said to Hurting People

Here are three of the most common unbiblical phrases people use to comfort those who are hurting. Brace yourself, as you have most likely used or heard these! 

Finding Your Identity in Christ Looks Like Death

What does it mean to find your identity in Christ?


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