The Early Bird Gets The Link

Hope you had a restful weekend, here are some links to start your week.

Six Attitudes That Kill Evangelism 

why are our churches less evangelistic today?

Four Ways Husbands Should Lead 

Paul’s instructions in Ephesians 5, which draw from the creation narrative of Genesis 2, give us at least four ways the man was to have a Christ-like leadership role.

The Question Churches Can No Longer Ignore

Given the fact that many Christians feel like they don’t know enough about life issues, and many professing Christians are having abortion themselves, how can we create a culture of life within our congregations?

9 Ways to Raise Up Leaders in Your Church

Good and practical.

Signposts: Senator Ben Sasse and Russell Moore talk about how perpetual adolescence hurts the church

A conversation worth listening to if you find yourself with time.


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