The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here’s some links to start your weekend.

Six Great Devotionals to Read This Summer

God has graciously equipped his people to write about the truths of Scripture for specific circumstances, to explain God’s Word through books. One of the greatest gifts to the church is devotionals. These books force us to read Scripture more slowly and reflect on its applications.

7 Sets of Resources for Building Your ‘Theology and Culture’ Library

Some good resources here.

2017 Summer Reading List for Christians

So it’s summer time to me. Which means, of course, it’s time to gather some good books to read. Which ones are you reading this summer?

The Mushy Middle

Wonder Woman and the Gender Wars

Wonder Woman is unperturbed by all this. She’s been in the middle of gender wars before. In fact, she’s been there from the very beginning.

Do You Know How to Find Joy?

Everyone wants a happily-ever-after, but few people are willing to give up sin and autonomy to get it. In this lab, Pastor John shows how it is our joyful duty to live for God’s glory.


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