The Early Bird Gets The Link

Hope you are having a good week.

Why Should We Read The Bible? 

Seven Ways the Old Testament Deepens our Love for Jesus

Christians go back to the Old Testament to build a bigger and better picture of Jesus Christ. By connecting with his past, we connect better with him and deepen our love for him. The Old Testament connects us with Jesus’ past in the following ways:

Why Is Creation So Important for Understanding the Bible?

The point is that God is the one who is still using his creative power. God is still the one who is strong and in charge, and he’s also commissioned his people to continue to be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth with his glory.

Five Ways Jesus Transformed My Marriage

Friend, may you be encouraged by these five ways Jesus works in and through marriage.

Treating young women as sisters in absolute purity

It is likely that Paul adds a word about sexual purity because there is a particular pitfall that is all too common—sexual immorality. A pastor who has learned the art of communicating with warmth and compassion can easily find himself in a situation of emotional connection with a woman that he ought not have such a connection with. And so Paul says that there must be no hint of impropriety in his ministry to younger women.

5 Characteristics of a Godly Leader

May I suggest that what the church needs today is not more leaders, but more godly leaders?


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