The Early Bird Gets The Link

Hope you had a relaxing weekend, here are some links to start your week.

Your Bible Is Not Boring

The fall has left us deeply dysfunctional emotionally. We’re excited by trivia and bored by grandeur. We strain out a gnat to admire and swallow a camel of glory unnoticed. Nevertheless, I want to try to use language that helps us see what God’s glory is, if I can. Hence the effort to find other words besides glory—like worth and beauty and value and excellence.

Patriot-olotry: The Intersection of Theology and Politics 

Faithful Christians cannot allow their thinking on how to live their faith in the current culture to be primarily shaped and formed by talking heads, whether they are “fair and balanced” or they “lean forward.” The news media is the megaphone of modern politics. As such, Christians must be cautious when watching. The old adage, “follow the money” is appropriate. The owners and stakeholders in the various news media companies have a corporate obligation to improve the financial bottom line. These conglomerations must turn a profit. This often runs at odds with the pursuit of publishing journalistic truth. The reporting on most cable news stations typically serves only to confirm prejudices and to inflame passions among those already on board. This generates greater viewership which increases ad revenue which enriches the media company. Patriotism for them means dollars. 

Do You Share God’s Heart?

Jonah is one of those characters. I like to think that I would never run from the call of God, but in ways that we don’t even realize, you and I run everyday.

Missing Words

But it struck me as interesting what has largely been dropped from the Junior Dictionary—words to do with rural life and the countryside, words to do with royalty and empire (this is the UK version after all), and more crucially as far as I’m concerned, words to do with Christianity and church life.

The following words no longer appear: abbey, aisle, altar, bishop, chapel, christen, disciple, minister, monastery, pew, psalm, pulpit, saint, sin, and devil, along with a few others.
You Are His: Experiencing Romans 8 in Times of Weariness

5 truths from “this beautiful Mount Everest of the Bible.”


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