Basics Conference Day 3 

Here are my notes from the Basics conference day 3. I had a blast with friends and was nourished in the Word. If you are looking for a conference, the Basics conference is one you should put on your list. They do a marvelous job, keep costs low and Parkside feeds you most meals which allows for times of fellowship.

The Lord’s Help In Temptation: Sinclair Ferguson


James 1:12-19
The pattern of these sermons has followed the pattern of the disciples prayer.

Hallowed be your name – worship
Give us this day our daily bread- Lord’s Supper

Lead us not into temptation- Lord’s help in temptation.

Prayer isn’t the only weapon the Lord has given us to fight against temptation.
Do not confuse the imaginations of your mind with the revelation of God through the word.
When we face temptations there are certain things we must know so we will not be deceived.

  • The pattern of temptation 
  • The defenses the Gospel gives to fight temptation 

I. The pattern of temptation 

   A. Attraction

  • God doesn’t entice anyone to sin.
  • God may lead us but he isn’t the enticer of sin
  • We are tempted by our own attraction to sin.
  • Attraction to sin comes to the believer through one of the 5 senses and usually through the confusion of what we see and feel. 
  • Eve, Achan & David all begin with attraction 
  • Because the Christian is a sinner he always needs to keep a guard on his/her senses. 

   B. Deception

  • Lured by our own desire which deceive us. 
  • Satan has 10,000 flies at his disposal to deceive 
  • The ministry of the Word changes the way we think, forms our thought pattern
  •  CS Lewis Undeceptions
  • Eye gate without ear gate allows for sin to dominate

   C. Preoccupation 

  • The instrument of the mind that needs to be Helped is the mind. 
  • Until you begin to loathe your temptation the fascination will continue to be there. 

   D. Conception

  • When opportunity meets desire then conception takes place

   E. Subjection

II. The Defenses

   A. Learn and become familiar with the temptation cycle

   B. Be convinced of the unchanging goodness of God

   C. Be aware of the significance of the new birth
The Good Servant and His Public Ministry: Alistair Begg


1 Tim 4:11ff

LDS= Life Doctrine Salvation

A good servant has to be prepared to say you cannot teach this here. 
The difficulty of the youth
* Able to arrive to a place in one step which took and a person many steps to arrive.

Don’t let them look down on you. How? Make sure they look up you by setting an example in these areas, 


I. Speech

* True

* Kind 

* Purposefully helpful

* With our tongues we have the ability to enrich and curse, be enriching. 

II. Conduct

* Have them look up to you because they hear your words and observe your actions. 

III. Love

IV. Faith

V. Purity

* Keep yourself pure!


    A. Devote yourself to the public reading of scripture 

    * Continued the pattern of synogogue, public reading & public exhortation

    * Jesus did this 

    * Justin Martyr describes

    * What place do we give to the public reading of scripture?

    * Preach & teach the Bible

   B. Do not neglect the gift given

    * God has made you as you so be you

III. Practice these things 

   A. They become so familiar that they become second nature. 

   B. Let them see your perfection, no! Let them see your progress.


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