Basics Conference Day 2 

This is my first time to the Basics conference and I must say, it’s been a great time of fellowship. Parkside church has done a phenomenal job being hospitable with a servants heart. If you are pastor and are looking for a conference, Basics conference is one to put on your list. With that being said here are some notes from day 2.


Albert Mohler

John 9
One of the most dangerous aspects of ministry is isolation.

The forms of Biblical literature

When critics see this they just see an assembly of stuff, accidental.

What we see in the forms of Biblical literature, is the different ways God expresses his love to us.

If the Bible has different lierary forms then our preaching should have different homilitical strategies.
If you have 3 points from a parable then you have two points more than Jesus made.
Historical narrative appears to be challenging to evangelicals.
The preachers task is not to explain the narrative but to let the narrative explain itself.
Two conflicting perceptions
1) I wish I was there to see that

2) thank God I wasn’t there to see that

I. As they passed by Jesus saw a man the disciples saw a Problem
A. Whose sin is responsible for this?

  • Many of our congregants are stuck in this kind of thinking
  • Sin does explain the problem in Gen 3, but not to this situation, this time to this person.

II. Jesus Explains the Problem
That the works of God may work in him

  •     Providence

III. Jesus Does Something About The Problem

IV. The Man Iterogated By His Neighbor, Pharisees & Jesus

  • The disciples had a problem of what caused sin.
  • These people have the problem of who made you well.
  • The blind man says it was Jesus!
  • The Pharisees step on the scene. Explain this, who is this Jesus? Now the man born blind, is questioned as if he was a theologian.
  • He is a prophet, unthinkable to Pharisees because that would put him in the line with Isaiah, Elijah. Which me God is speaking through Jesus
  • Parents are interrogated and throws son under the bus.
  • The issue here is not about physical sight but spiritual sight.
  • Every time we preach the Gospel there is another effect, those who see may become blind.

Help For Worship

Sinclair Ferguson


Hebrews 2:10-18;Heb. 8

How to hep our people in terms of worship?
How to help our people appreciate coming to the Lord’s table?

How to help our people deal with temptation?

Intro: explanation of context.
What Adam failed to accomplish Christ fulfilled and will bring it to consummation.
What is the quality of your Worship? Who gauges the quality of Worship?
Christ is the real worship leader of the church. Jesus is the liturgist of the church and Jesus is
I. Jesus Is Gathering Us As God’s Family

  • Jesus is gathering a family together
  • “Bringing many sons to glory”
  • Worship is family time.
  • Every time we gather it is like a family reunion & our hearts cry Abba Father

II. Jesus Actually Leads Us In Our Worship

  • Quote from Psalm 22
  • In the midst of the congregation I will sing your praise.
  • How do you look when your worshipping? Are you captivated by the lead singer Jesus?
  • You cannot know the inner life of Jesus without knowing the Psalms.

III. Jesus Does The Preaching of The Word

  • “I will tell of your name to my brothers”
  • Our preaching is in vain unless Christ does the preaching.

IV. Jesus Comes To Help us in Our Need

  • The goal of worship is not to meet Our needs but the wonder of worship is that Jesus meets our needs.

Appreciating The Lord’s Supper

Sinclair Ferguson


1 Cor 10:14ff; 11:23ff

The Lords table is a sign of the new covenant, just like all the signs of the old covenants.
We have signs, physical actions that convey the reality that they signify, this is true of the Lord’s Supper.

I. The Lord’s Supper is a Benediction
A. Blessing in scripture is the judgement of God turned away from you.

B. This cup is God’s blessing, receive this blessing.

II. This Gospel Feast is a Communion

A. What is happening here is we are given access to the heart of Jesus Christ

B. This is why you can’t mix idolatry with the Lord’s Supper, because it is a union and communion with Christ.

III. The Lord’s Supper is a Consecration

IV. The Lord’s Supper is Commemoration

A. In memeory of Christ.

B. Look and live, it should remind you of the facts of the Gospel

V. The Lord’s Supper is Repitition

VI. The Lord’s Supper is Proclamation

A. The event of the Lord’s Supper is the congregation proclaming the Gospel.

B. When we pass the bread and wine we are saying here is the Gospel.

VII. The Lord’s Supper is Anticipation

A. Do this until I come.

B. The Lord’s Supper is the appetizer before the meal to come.

C. The Lord’s Supper is the rehearsal dinner.

VIII. The Lord’s Supper is Self-Examination


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