Basics Conference Day 1

I am here at the Basics Conference hosted by Alistair Beggs and Parkside Church this week with some friends. It is always refreshing to get fed and poured into your soul and be able to talk about it with some godly people as you grow together. So instead of posting my usual Early Bird Gets The Link, I decided to post my notes from the conference. The first day opened with a session from Alistair Begg followed by two sessions from Albert Mohler. The conference is being live streamed if you want to jump on and enjoy it from home. Here are my notes from the sessions if you can make sense of my note taking.

Alistair Beggs
1 Timothy 4:6-16
What does it mean to be a good servant of Jesus Christ?
“Remind you of things we must never forget.”
vs. 6-10 the personal life of the good servant
vs. 11-16 the public life of the good servant of Jesus
I. A good servant is placing “these things” before the brethren, the church.
   A. The attack from the evil one is an attack on the doctrine of creation
    • Marriage – still so 2000 years later, quote from John Stott 20 years ago
    • Food
  B. A good servant is prepared to preach truth.
II. A good servant is nourished by the truth of God
   A. The nourishment is accompanied by training
   B. The servant takes personal nourishment in the word is the impact of his public ministry
   C. The training is the training done behind closed doors, in the closet.
   D. Nourishing and training never end.
   E. Don’t get caught up with junk food in place of nourishing in the word.
   F. Nourishment in the word happens in devotion and the study, but more importantly in prayer which changes and builds the heart.
III. A good servant trains himself in godliness
  A. Spiritual athleticism
IV. A Good servant works hard for salvation
   LDS = Life Doctrine Service
   A. Toiling and striving
   B. How do they know we toil and strive? When you get up to preach the word!
   C. Maybe Paul uses the universal appeal of the Gospel in vs. 10 because false teachers usually say we are the only ones with truth.
Albert Mohler
Nehemiah 8
Intro: Mohler personal story, on baby crib. Following instructions.
Read the text, explain the text and go and study and do it again.
Why expository preaching?
The argument for Expository Preaching has already been won.
Why has battle been won?
Other preaching has been found to be useless.
Expositional preaching has survived while other styles of preaching has not.
Scripture itself implies expositional preaching
Our confidence is in the union of the Spirit as the author of the text.
The reading of scripture is the primary act the preaching is the secondary.
Expository Preaching is a survival mechanism of the church in a secular age.
Secular people have think they have gotten over God but they haven’t gotten over guilt.
There are truths we cannot not know simply because we are made in the image of God.
Christianity is the only worldview which can speak to human rights.
The idea that God would speak, means then we are bound to what He says.
How unthinkable is it to our people?
The words of Scripture go where you cannot go!
Evangelicalism as an ism has  attempted to save the church with every other way.

God saves and grows the church through expository preaching, it is the only survival strategy of the church. 

Article: Haddon Robinson The Heresy of Application
Albert Mohler
Charge hell as a member of a company of preachers.
Deuteronomy 4:9-14 & 32-40
Luther- Scripture is the norms of norms that cants be norms.
When the Scriptures are read we hear God’s own voice and we are bound by it.
God says “lets you hear his voice”
What happens in expository preaching, God allows people to draw near & LETS them hear his voice, & live.
As you can see, by the third session I was a little tired, therefore there is less notes.
Until Next Time

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