The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here in Ohio for the Basics conference hosted by Alistair Beggs, praying for a time of renewal. With that said here are some links to start your week.

4 Ways Christians Can Stand Out at Work

We should, of course, be wise about how we share the reason for our hope when we’re at work. But staying silent isn’t an option. If we want to be authentic people, we must bring our whole selves to work

The Gospel Sneaks Up on Me

When I’m comfortable and least expecting it, out of nowhere, it jumps out and gets me. God seems to love surprising me with the gospel. And, I am so thankful it happens.

A Better Way to Find Leaders in the Church

There is a better, more biblical way to find leaders. A way that doesn’t leave us stunned when our pastors fall because we were unable or unwilling to see what was really going on. Leaders found this way won’t be without sin, and surely some of them will fall (even Jesus had Judas), but there will be less of them that pull the rug out from under the church and damage her witness. So how do we do it?

May God purge my heart of idolatry, too

But the place where I rarely look? My own heart.

Ten Effects of Seeing God’s Sovereignty

10 truths from Romans 9.


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