The Early Bird Gets The Link

The One Thing That’s Missing from Your Spiritual Life
Yet this is what is missing from many of our spiritual lives. We do a lot of right things for God, but we are not passionately in love with him. And if we aren’t passionately in love with God, we’ll never have the motivation to love as he loves.

God Will Hold You Through Your Habits

Perseverance is not mainly about unique one-off events and special mountaintop highs, but about daily and weekly routines of regular life — what we call “spiritual disciplines” or “habits of grace.”

Christians Must Be Fluent in the Gospel

Helpful review of Gospel Fluency

Advance! Priorities for Young Christians

Many young Christians have a noble desire to change the world and to do great things, but in most cases God intends to first change them and to do great things in their hearts and minds.

What Is Congregational Singing, and Why Is It So Important?

Mark Dever answers these important questions.


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