The Early Bird Gets The Link

How to Teach Any Bible Passage
Here is a helpful resource for those who teach the Bible. 

What You Should Know About the Prosperity Gospel

Last week U.S. Postal Service inspectors and IRS criminal investigators raided the offices of Benn Hinn, the infamous faith healer and “health and wealth” preacher. Here is what should know about Hinn and the prosperity gospel movement.

No, ‘Saul the Persecutor’ Did Not Become ‘Paul the Apostle’

Did Jesus rename Saul?

Nine Parenting Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks

In many ways, parenting has been a school of hard knocks for me because I never thought that my children would actually be sinners who ignored or rebelled against what I told them instead of being a mindless automaton who always said, “yes sir Dad. I’ll do that right now.”

eBook Sale: New Testament Commentaries

Here is a great sale! 


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