The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here are some good links to start your day. 

Jesus And The Past Tense

Medders makes a great point and it is something I catch myself doing sometimes; “Together, let’s avoid speaking of Jesus in the past tense as much as we can. I cringe when I read, “Jesus was kind.” Is he not kind today? He is alive, let’s speak of him as though he is still kind—because he is.”

Make Christianity Great Again

What would it look like for Christians, en masse, to start loving and following the whole Jesus and the whole Scripture, the whole time, into the whole world?

That Pesky γάρ (Rom 5:6) – Mondays with Mounce 280

For all your Greek students.

Making Disciples at Home

Making disciples at home isn’t a cookie-cutter process. It won’t just happen if you love Jesus and pray before your meals. It won’t work to hope that someone else will do it. Making disciples at home will only happen as parents pursue making disciples with intentionality and great dependence on God. Let me give you three categories to help you think about how you can more faithfully make disciples at home:

The Silver Chair will reboot the Narnia movies

If you are a fan of Narnia, this may interest you or scare you. 

Why Pray if God Has Already Decided Everything?

To say we don’t need to pray because God has determined all outcomes is as ridiculous as saying we don’t need to take medicine, work for a living, or look for a spouse because God has determined all outcomes. It is true God has determined all outcomes, but God has also determined the means by which those outcomes will take place.

It is never right to be angry at God. Ever.

Social media can back fire on you, but it can also lead to an incredible blog post explaining a tweet, which is what Denny Burk does here. 


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