The Early Bird Gets The Link

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend, over here in the south it was it was a wild one with storms rolling through. 

Your Thoughts Will Betray You

When self-evaluation ends with ourselves instead of pointing us beyond ourselves, there’s a problem. Bad self-evaluation keeps us focused on ourselves and the things we should have done, ought to do, and will do. We dwell on our guilt over sin, shame over sins done to us, and regrets over what we wish had happened.

There Are Three Kinds Of Men

Which one are you?

Pathway to the Field – Missiologically Thinking

I am always grateful when churches pull back the curtains and give us a look at their process of sending out church planting teams. 

How Will God Judge What I Do Today?

Here is a helpful explanation of 1 Corinthians 3:10-15.

Stop Photobombing Jesus

This is where it gets tricky. The desire for God to be glorified through me is the height of my created purpose. But there is a fine line between wanting God to use you for his glory and wanting everyone to know it. It’s the fine line between pure worship and idolatry.


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