The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here are some links to get your weekend started. 

3 Ways to Get Leaders from Pew to Pulpit
If we are going to raise up preachers we must give space to try. Many young preachers get their feet wet in a student ministry or Wednesday evening service, but there is something powerful when the whole church gathers together to hear God’s Word proclaimed. There are a number of places where preachers can get experience but if the goal is to prepare them for preaching to a whole congregation, there will need to be space for this to happen. 

Three Strategies for Overcoming the Superficial Life

Paul is calling us to discipline the focus of our minds so that we fix the mind, the focus of the mind, on things that are worthy and that have the potential to deepen and strengthen and purify our souls. The specifics that I would recommend would be these.

Discipleship for The Rest of Us

Sometimes I read books and articles on discipleship and I wonder who in the world they’re written for. And then I remember: Oh, yeah — for people who give the Sunday School answers in Sunday School but save the real life-or-death, grasping-for-meaning, gasping-for-breath grappling with God for those rare moments when they’re all alone, undistracted, and unable to fend off the crushing sense of their own inadequacies and apprehensions about the world and their place in it. A lot of the ways the evangelical church does discipleship seem designed for people who don’t seem to really need it. It’s like the uber-toned Crossfit junkie who adds a spin class to his weekly schedule, because, well, why not?

Why does “at-home” work matter—and how does it help us raise little people who love reading?

But what if it’s this attitude that is actually robbing men and women of a deeper understanding of at-home work? Of it’s value and significance? That is among the many things Courtney Reissig and I discuss today on Reading Writers.

10 Questions to Help Us Analyze Our Smartphone Habits

Whoa! These 10 questions are convicting. 


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