The Early Bird Gets The Link

There are some great links today, happy clicking.

8 Sins You Commit Whenever You Look at Porn

When you open your browser and begin to look at those images and videos, you are sinning in ways that go far beyond lust. Here are 8 sins you commit when you look at porn.

On Going To Church

Here are a few links worth your time on going to church. The Worst Consequence of Skipping Church

15 Really Strange Reasons Not to Attend Church

The Real Reasons Your People Aren’t Turning Up To Church Every Week

Hope you take a look at those. 

The Bible’s 4 Essential Teachings about Politics

If we want to understand a Christian view of politics, therefore, the first thing we need to do is look at clues from the Bible’s main storyline. One way to tell the story is to divide it into four acts—Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation. In this article, I will do exactly that, and will briefly relate each act to the notion of politics.

Seven Ways to Overcome Satan

So how do we fight? How do we overcome Satan’s attacks?

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