The Early Bird Gets The Link

My wife and I were away for the weekend at a preaching conference which was a much needed getaway. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, here are some links to get your week started.

Good news in one of the saddest verses in Scripture

“When Solomon was old, his wives turned his heart away to follow other gods,” wrote its author.1 “He was not wholeheartedly devoted to the Lord his God, as his father David had been.”

The Great Command for the Husband

From the very beginning, the devil has attacked marriage and the institution of family. That has been one of the most common attacks in the arsenal of the devil. From the beginning, the devil cast a shadow of doubt on the Word of God, and he thereby divided the first marriage and brought great ruin into the world with misery and death. From that one sin, the devil successfully attacked the family. Things have not changed today.

You Aren’t the Good Samaritan 

What if the person we—and the lawyer asking the question—are most supposed to identify with in the story is not the priest or Levite or the Good Samaritan? What if, instead, we were primarily like the guy bleeding on the side of the road?

8 Departure Dangers from Gospel-Centrality

There are lots of distractions from and temptations to discard a commitment to gospel-centeredness.

Feasting As An Act of War

I heard Andrew Peterson recently recall a scene in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In that Narnian world blanketed by snow (where it is always winter and never Christmas), the White Witch comes upon a party in the woods, where she finds “decorations of holly” and “something like plum pudding.” A bunch of merry animals are enjoying a feast in celebration of a visit from Father Christmas, the return of Aslan, and the signal that winter will soon end. At once, the Witch demands the animals deny the good news, and when they refuse, she turns them into stone. The merry feast was to the evil witch a declaration of war.


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