The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Here are some links for your Thursday. 

We Need More “Parlour Preachers”

In short, one who is fluent in the gospel has their mother tongue in the gospel. They see and hear the world through the gospel filter and demonstrate an ability to speak the gospel into the everyday stuff of life.

Present Darkness

Scripture’s transparency on the lows of life are a testament to its credibility. The realities of what it means to be human are on display. To know that God-fearing, faithful people (prophets, kings, and apostles even!) struggled with despair, fear, and doubt is greatly validating for people today who are trying to reconcile their faith walk with their mental health battles. They’ve too often heard that if they had enough faith, they wouldn’t have the struggles they have.

The Gospel Doesn’t Accommodate

Why are we so willing to set aside the hard sayings of Jesus and opt instead for a Jesus of our own creation? Perhaps C.S. Lewis was right after all, we’re half-hearted creatures.

The Crushing Illusion of Control

The surpassing power belongs to God and not to us—and the moment we get that wrong (and we will, friends), we panic, we fear, we are anxious, we search for some sort of fix to give us back the illusion of control: exercise, diets, essential oils, medication, massages. None of those things is wrong in and of themselves, but they can all numb the thing we need most: to remember God is the one with surpassing power and not us. And more than numbing us, they can crush us.

We Need More Bible in Youth Ministry

But we teens need Bible study — more than we even realize. Here are four reasons I believe pastors, teachers, youth leaders, and Christian parents need to encourage and exhort us to study the Bible, and teach us how to do it.

You Can’t Love Missions without Loving the Local Church

When people perceive missions and the local church as two wholly distinct and therefore mutually exclusive Christian lifestyles, we don’t just lose quality people who would have made great missionaries; we build churches who believe that missions is something “those people” out there do, not us.

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