The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here is your daily round up of links.

Acts 29 Debates Spiritual Gifts

Worth the read.

God Does Not Answer Selfie Prayers

Personal cameras were designed to allow us to capture special sites, events, and persons in our lives. But the rear-facing camera has become more important than the front-facing one. Who knew that for most people the most special thing they can capture in a picture is themselves?

Beware, lest the “selfie” mindset infiltrate your prayer life.
Survey Reveals Many Evangelicals Are Confused About Adultery

The survey looks at how the general population as well as subgroups based on gender, race, and a variety of religious subgroups, answer the question, “How often, if ever, would you say the following activities would be cheating on a spouse or partner?” Here are the results for evangelicals:

Eight Ways to Pursue the Ministry of Reconciliation

What are some practical ways we can open our hearts and deliver God’s loving message of reconciliation to those who don’t even realize they’re searching for it?

Translating God’s Name

Interesting thoughts. 

The Lesser Known Joseph

There are two very famous men in Scripture who share the name Joseph. There’s the Old Testament Joseph, the great savior of the nation of Israel, whose amazing story from abandoned brother to Egyptian lord is chronicled in Genesis. Then there’s the New Testament Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, who believed in the angel’s report and became the guardian of the young Messiah. But there’s a third Joseph, often overlooked because of the drama of the moment onto which he stepped.


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