The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Some links for your Tuesday.

How to Binge Watch Like a Believer

This interview with Andy Crouch on technology is worth the read. “I think we have to be patient with this stuff. The whole promise of technology is this: If you want it, you got it. But what if waiting is an essential part of the goodness of the world? The only thing I can say to people is: Taste and see that the Lord is good. I don’t think I can prove to you in the abstract that these embodied things will be better. I can’t even promise that, in the moment, you will feel better. But I do think you will become a different kind of person who has access to more wisdom, more courage, and more joy than you had before.”

Stop Calling Hebrews 11 The “Hall of Faith”

God didn’t give us this section of the Bible for us to think, “Look at these great followers of God. I’ll never be like them.” Chapter 11 is filed for our imitation. The barrage of by faiths is there to weave us together, join us in the story of God’s glory—not bronze the heads of saints before our eyes.

Death, Be Not Proud

A great poem

Four Reasons Why Jesus Rose From the Dead

As we look back over the main point of each account of the resurrection, let’s do the hard work of application. I’ll pose some questions; let’s give ourselves to prayerful consideration, that we might be doers of the word and not merely hearers (James 1:22–25). Let’s pray that God would use the resurrection to change us, our churches, and our communities.

Marriage Is Not the Mission

And, as C.S. Lewis warned, marital love became a demon because I made her into a god. And because God denied me Eve, I, unlike Adam, declared things to be not good. For years I sat in my pious purgatory, feeling confused, alone, and guilty. Why wasn’t I more content in Christ alone?


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