The Early Bird Gets The Link

Been down for a few days but I am back with some links for your day.

The Miracle of Mercy

He saved us because of “his own mercy” toward us. God loved us and cared for us because of his own character and virtue, not because of ours.

Tips for Memorizing a Book of the Bible

Some helpful tips to memorizing your Bible.

Assorted Thoughts on #TGC17

I have no grand thesis or synthesis about it, but a few assorted thoughts now that I’m home and a somewhat recovered.

What Current Trend in American Life Should Concern Christians?

A video worth watching

5 Discipleship Don’ts

In the church, discipleship is key to an individual’s growth and to the way they are made more into the image of Christ. The way we do this is a matter of life in Christ or death with our flesh. How, then, should we take seriously the role of discipling others? We must remember that discipleship is not about us.

Your Pain Is Preaching a Gospel

Like many characters in the Old Testament, Saul’s life points to greater realities. And over the course of God’s unfolding redemption, those realities find their fullest expression in Jesus Christ.


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