The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Here are your links for the weekend. 

Why our churches need more gray hair

The world puts the old people on the shelf and the young people on the podium. But it really should be the other way around. Every believer should aspire to the crown of splendor—to the honor that is due to those who have learned to live well and faithfully to what God has called them. 

15 Lessons from Calvin’s Biography

Lessons from the life of John Calvin

Four Ways to Live in Light of Heaven

The one thing we can’t do there that we can do here is tell people about Jesus, so give your life to that, not to pursuing some silly bucket list item you’ll experience a better version of in heaven anyway.

10 Things You should Know about the Judgment of the Believer

Speaking of heaven, here is a good summary of the judgement of the believer.

Lay Aside the Weight of Passivity

Civilians are passive during war; spectators are passive during competition; an average customer is passive during the growing season. As Christians, we are not called to easy passivity, but to rigorous activity. Therefore, we must prepare our minds for action.

3 Ways to Break Spiritual Apathy Your Life

I too have known darkness and pain and hopelessness. In my own moments of grief, the presence of Jesus has made all the difference. Did he know Jesus? Did he have any inkling that Jesus loved him, died for him, longed for him to be restored to the Father? Offering this man Jesus was the best I had, so I asked him if I could pray. He agreed, so I gave voice to the parts of my heart that were now teeming with life and actually feeling my feelings, and I lifted it all to God.

10 Things Sexual Assault Victims Want You to Know

What do you wish people knew/understood about experiencing sexual assault?

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