The Early Bird Gets The Link

There are some good links today. Hope you find them useful.

Have Mercy on Me

But if we let the Scriptures have their say, we will see that when God shows his mercy, he does so with utter intentionality and strength, and we as his creatures get our deepest glimpse of who he is not just in his sovereignty but his goodness. Not simply in his greatness but his gentleness. Not only in his towering might but also in his surprising tenderness.

Nothing matters if God can’t raise the dead

To “believe in Jesus”—to be a Christian—is, when boiled down to its most essential ingredient, to be absolutely convinced that Jesus rose from the dead for real. Those who, like so many others, find this scientifically preposterous, theologically offensive, or just plain out of the question, lack biblical saving faith. Ultimately, the ‘story’ of Easter will be their condemnation rather than a nice time of swapping chocolate.

No Other Gospel

Preaching and Perspectives

When we preach, we present a perspective. When we preach, we provoke a perspective. Here are five perspective prompts to help us consider the perspective we give in our preaching:

Four Qualifications for Finding Contentment

Culture may view contentment as something we gain through relationships, wealth, power, and privilege, but the Bible sets forth very different qualifications for contentment. Biblical contentment unfolds from the Spirit’s work in a believer’s heart, mind, life, and hope. These four qualifications set an eternal foundation for unwavering contentment that holds steady through life’s seasons and storms.

The Prosperity Gospel

The prosperity gospel is neither a small nor isolated error. The fixation with money and material riches pervades the theology of its adherents, corrupting every aspect of their faith and doctrine. It is a comprehensive lie—one that skews the very nature of the gospel itself, distorting even the Person and work of Christ.


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