The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here is your links for the day. If you get an opportunity jump on the TGC conference live feed.

How Healthy Doctrine Makes A Healthier You

What is this “better thing” that Mary has chosen?

She has chosen belief over effort. Saving faith over scurried good works. Resting and receiving over performing. Delight over duty.
Is the Flesh Crucified or Not?

If that verse is true, then why do I still struggle with sin? If the flesh has been crucified why does it seem to be alive and kicking? Why is there still a battle against the flesh?

Reflections on the Just Gospel Conference

There are a variety of “gospel” conferences that treat justice as a distraction to, rather than the fruit of, faithfulness to the gospel. There are also a number of “justice” conferences that treat the gospel as either irrelevant to, or an obstacle to, true justice, instead of both the motivation and the means to it. The Just Gospel Conference avoided both errors by wisely introducing us to dozens of real-life men and women who are unquestionably committed to the gospel and who are moved to actively pursue justice because of, not in spite of, their gospel commitment.

10 Questions to Ask to Benefit from a Conference or Special Event

Worth the read if you are at TGC or plan to go to a conference this year.

5 Challenges Experienced By Christian Men Today

Worthwhile read, “Here are 5 observations about the challenges facing men in Australia today. Yes, some of these challenges overlap with those faced by women, but for the purpose of this article the focus is on men, and particularly those under 45 years of age.”


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