The Early Bird Gets The Link

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and had a blessed Sunday.

If you are at home this week, that means you were not able to attend the TGC conference, here is the livestream schedule if you are interested. 

You Cannot Raise Snowflakes in Jesus’ Name

Living out Paul’s admonition demands a bit of thick skin that parents are to help their children develop. How can we love our neighbor when we are self-obsessed about how every interaction makes us feel. We are to love our neighbor, even if our neighbor is a jerk. Christian parents, are you training your children toward living this cruciform (cross-shaped) worldview out in their daily lives?

Love the Single Chapter of Your Life

When so many are feeling unsatisfied and incomplete in their singleness, Ben Stuart encourages us to see this season with God’s eyes and heart and purpose.

Questions to Ask Before You Preach Your Next Sermon

Very helpful when preparing a sermon. 

How Calvinists Miss the Key to Happiness

In the words of Spurgeon, “All the gifts of sovereign grace are intended to give us joy.” Yes, the gifts of sovereign grace are themselves the key conduits of our joy.

God acts to give us his own happiness! 

We Don’t Have a Trust Problem in Our Marriage. We Have a Sin Problem.

The world sees marriage as a basic co-habitation situation. You share a space, you share some laughs, but you still maintain your personal privacy. Any violation of that privacy is considered a weakness in you. You have trust issues. You are insecure. You are accusatory and probably need counseling.

Lament Like a Christian Hedonist

During disorienting times, believers face two distinct temptations. Succumbing to either of these will drain our courage and damage our witness. But God has provided a path between these temptations that lifts our eyes to him and buoys our hearts with faith.


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