The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here are your links to get your weekend started. 

Is Unforgiveness Unforgivable?

I’m not hyping you up with hyperbole. Neither am I trying to defend or explain what Jesus taught. It is what it is.

Not (exactly) Another Keller-Gets-Snubbed by PTS Post

Instead, I think what happened was that two very different systems of morality arose sometime during that period in Neo-Evangelicalism. One is conservative/traditional and the other is more progressive/left leaning.

My Parents Say Missions Is a Waste of American Blessings

John Pipers response here is wise and pastoral.

Beg God for the Miracle of Humility

Pride is the enemy we love to hate, we must pray for the miracle of humility.

Seven Unshakeable Promises for Anxious Souls

Time and again I’ve found that the greatest antidote to anxiety is to consistently remind myself of the unshakable promises we have in God’s word. When a circumstance suddenly threatens our peace, we can be ready to push it back and cut it down with truth. So here are seven unshakable promises for anxious souls today:

“One anothers” I can’t find in the New Testament

The kind of God we really believe in is revealed in how we treat one another. The lovely gospel of Jesus positions us to treat one another like royalty, and every non-gospel positions us to treat one another like dirt. But we will follow through horizontally on whatever we really believe vertically.

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