The Early Bird Gets The Link

Hope you enjoy today’s links.

My Self-seeking, Pointless Praying

The only objective, the only goal that is truly warranted in prayer is the glory of God. Any other motivation is self-seeking and therefore pointless. How often praying degenerates into nothing more than seeking to ‘get’ for self ease.

Four Thoughts on Persecution in America

if we faithfully follow Jesus in this world we all will face persecution at some point in our Christian discipleship.

Did Jesus ever experience doubt?

The human condition is weak and faltering. Sometimes even the best of us experience doubt and waver in our faith. And the Bible tells us to have mercy on brothers and sisters who experience such doubt: “Be merciful to those who doubt” (Jude 1:22). But this does not mean that doubt is a virtue. It means that doubt is an evidence of our sinful brokenness from which we need redemption.

Two Points of View on TIthing

The Gospel Coalition provides for us two points of view on tithing, both worth reading.

The Bible Commands Christians to Tithe

7 Reasons Christians Are Not Required to Tithe

The Unexpected Temptation in Spiritual Maturity

God’s exposure in my life feels like the splashing of water on my face, waking up my lethargic soul from the hypnotic lure toward spiritual arrogance.


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