Meditation Monday: When Truth and Love Meet

When looking out into 21st century culture, it seems to me, we make truth and love enemies. From songs like “all we need is love” to the shunning of people because they don’t believe the truth. 

A good example is the war raged on Disney for Beauty and the Beast. A big deal was made of the “gay scenes” in the movie and I understand the concerns. Yet I wonder why we don’t have the same concerns and boycotts for movies like Ironman, where Tony Stark is jumping from one woman to another. 

This week in our men’s small group we studied Joshua 22 and the passion Phinehas had for the Lord. The eastern tribes of Israel departed to dwell in the land after seven years of war. When they get to the Jordan river they build a massive altar as a memorial and a witness that they worship Yahweh.

Phinehas gets word that the eastern tribes have built an altar and becomes concerned they have fallen into idolatry. So Phinehas gathers an emissary and travels to the eastern tribes express his concern. 

When Phinehas approaches them he asks them what are they thinking building an altar and committing idolatry. He speaks truth and yet he says brothers if it is too difficult for you to live east of the Jordan, come back home with us we will give you some of our cities. Phinehas speaks love too.

Phinehas’ passion for the Lord led him to express his concerns with truth and love. As a result, the eastern tribes were able to clear up any misunderstandings concerning the altar. They were able to explain its purpose and the situation led to unity among God’s people. 

Too often we elevate truth and minimize love or elevate love and minimize truth, when all the while truth and love go hand in hand. There is no better picture of that than the cross of Christ, where truth and love intersect. Listen to the Psalmist as you meditate on this today;

Lovingkindness and truth have met together; Righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Psalms 85:10

Until Next Time

Walk in truth and love 


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