The Early Bird Gets The Link

Happy Monday, I pray you had a blessed weekend, here are some links to get your week started. 

What does it mean to be truly alive?

We want to know what it means to be truly alive because we know something is missing, yes. But that missing “something” isn’t simply a “thing.

A Word for Politically-Panicked Christians

A word of wisdom. 

Jesus Is Stronger Than Your fear

 When I allow gospel-muscles to atrophy and fear-paralysis to set in, I’m directly attacking the very character and nature of our Father. I’m abusing and smearing his image and integrity into a false caricature that distorts and misrepresents his flawless reality.

Therefore, all of these heart struggles I’m experiencing right now can be traced back to one thing: my perspective of God.
Gospel-Centered Complementarianism

Here is a helpful breakdown of Gospel-Centered Complementarianism

8 Rules for Growing in Godliness

These are eight rules for growing in godliness, not eight secrets or eight riddles. God makes plain to us the way to holiness, the path to conformity with his Son. We teach every child to plant a seed, to rely on sun and water, to watch with excitement and anticipation until the seed bursts out of the soil to grow into a tall, strong plant. So we must teach every Christian to rely on the means through which God nourishes and strengthens his people, causing them to grow up in holiness and godliness.


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