The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here some links for your weekend enjoyment.

A Biblical Theology of Glory

Significantly, the concept of glory is the greatest of concepts in this world, as it is the emanating of the perfections of the infinite and eternal God–both in creation and new creation.

Three Challenges of Belonging to the Church

The Christian life is designed to be lived in community with other believers. If you have told yourself, as some have, that you don’t need the Church and you just need Jesus, you are wrong. You do need the Church, and the Church needs you (see 1 Corinthians 12:12-27).

Five Reasons Why This Millennial Still Likes Using Hymnals

So why would a 36-year old Millennial enjoy hymnals? 

What Exactly Is the “Toxic” Effect of Tim Keller’s Theology?

Do not miss this: complementarian institutions teaching rock-ribbed theology are not struggling to draw students. Complementarian churches teaching biblical sexual ethics are growing like gangbusters. Complementarian theology, and a biblical approach to homosexuality, does not kill churches and schools. It brings them to life. It draws people who love the wisdom of God over the opinions of the world. We do not need to soften our doctrine, friends. We need to hold it, promote it, and celebrate it, for it is the truth of God. It is right, it is holy, and it is good for us.

6 Important Insights About Bible Belt Christianity

Bible Belt Christianity certainly offers a unique set of ministry challenges. Some would contend that the Bible Belt is sufficiently churched and ministry needs to be focused on regions where fewer churches exist. At one level, I agree. We currently support two stateside church plants along with nearly twenty more national and international mission partners that engage in church planting and evangelism. The gospel must spread. But to assume the presence more than 120 evangelical congregations means our Bible Belt county is gospel-saturated is a misunderstanding.

Keep Going Out and Keep Sowing

Don’t just keep going. Do so because you know the bigger picture. If no seed is sown at all, you can cry all you want and absolutely nothing will happen. It’s not the tears that produce fruit, or even the faithfulness of the sower, but the faithfulness of the One who alone can take our feeble, everyday, day in and day out work, and do something glorious in His timing.


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