Focus Friday: What Difference Does Justification by Faith Make in Our Decision Making?

Ray Ortlund’s sermon series in Galatians has been blessing my soul. His preaching has me meditating on his sermon for days. Two weeks ago in Boldly Free 6 he said something I have been thinking about constantly;

Paul did not think simply in terms of right and wrong, wise and foolish, effective and ineffective. Paul always asked a deeper question. How can this decision right now, whatever it’s about, align with the gospel? What difference does justification by faith alone make in this decision I’m facing? He didn’t ask simply, What is the right thing to do? Or, What is the popular thing to do? The real question for gospel people always is this: What course of action is in closest alignment with the grace of God and the purpose of the cross? Guys, that’s a new way to do church, and it’s free, and it’s happy, it honors Jesus, and it’s ours now and forever.

We often speak of justification by faith alone through grace alone in Christ alone in reference to our standing before God, in which God now sees the righteousness of Christ in us. What a glorious truth!

What if, we as believers, when faced with a decision ask “What course of action is in closest alignment with the grace of God and the purpose of the cross? ” Wow! How many decisions and actions would change?

Too often we forget that justification by faith, not only changes our standing before God, but changes our relationship with God and with humanity. We are no longer a people just flowing through life like a jelly fish in the ocean. We are now the people of God who display the glory of God in the earth. One of the ways God makes us into Gospel people is by changing the paradigm of our decision making. When the cross of Christ becomes the sifter in which our decision pass through, life change happens . I pray God continues to pound away with hammer of grace, as he makes me more like Christ.

Until Next Time

Live Boldly Free


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