The Early Bird Gets The Link

Was out and about yesterday but here is your links for today.

Ray Ortlund on What Makes a Gospel-Centered Church

But here is something troubling. If a message so good lies at the defining center of our churches, why do we see such bad things in those same churches—ranging from active strife to sheer exhaustion? Where is the saving power of the gospel? Why don’t we see more of Tyndale’s singing, dancing, and leaping for joy in our churches, if the good news is setting the tone?

How To Understand and Apply the New Testament

Helpful review on Andy Nasseli’s new book.

Identity: Knowing Who We Are in Christ

Far too often, we think of ourselves mainly in terms of what we do or how we feel about ourselves and our relationship to our temporal circumstances. Becoming aware of our position and identity in Christ uplifts us by pointing us to tremendously empowering truths and confronts us with some sobering facts.

The God Who Broke My Heart

One thing I know I must do is pay attention to what is going on not only in my body but also in my mind and heart, and right now my heart is fighting a war. I’m angry.

Has a Good Gift Become an Idol? Four Diagnostic Questions

We feel our hearts being tested when something bad happens. But did you know that a good gift will also test your heart?


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