The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here are your links for Monday.

Hell Is the Default Destination

There are only two ways to pay for sin: The eternal Son of God can die for it, or we can pay for it eternally in hell.

10 Ways to Strengthen the Partnership between Home and Church

If you’re a parent, here are a few practical ways for you to take advantage of the partnership with the church in helping your child grow spiritually:

How John Piper’s Seashells Swept Over a Generation

Before he spoke, Piper asked God for “a prophetic word that would have a ripple effect to the ends of the earth and to eternity.”

We Can’t Microwave People Into Maturity

Christians should be careful to not approach discipleship like they approach their fitness goals. 

Scandalized by the Substitute: A Response to Young and Gungor

The doctrine of atonement for sin is—or at least has been—at the center of Christian faith and practice since Jesus’s earthly ministry. But in recent days, various voices have raised objections to the cross. Musician Michael Gungor called the atonement “evil” and “horrific” on Twitter, decrying a God who would mandate blood sacrifice for sin. William Paul Young, author of the 20-million-copy-selling The Shack, concurs. In his new Lies We Believe About God, Young says of Christ’s death:

Eight Steps to Christian Maturity

Take whatever you find helpful, and create categories and pathways that mobilize you to actually love and disciple your neighbors — Christian and non-Christian.


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