The Early Bird Gets The Link

Where does happiness come from?

It has been said that familiarity breeds contempt. I would argue that it also breeds thoughtlessness. There are certain religious words that have become so ensconced in the Christian tradition that our familiarity with them distracts us from the fact that we have never really pondered what they mean. I think, for instance, that the word “glory” falls into this category. Ask your average pew-sitter what “glory” means in any given verse of the Bible, and see if they get it right.

The word “blessed” also falls into this category.
The Bible doesn’t have a lot say about ___________

Do we believe God really is sovereign over every square inch of creation? And do we believe that God really is wise, and really is loving? Do we really believe He knows what is best for us? That’s what we say we believe. But do we really?

How Jesus Called Out False Teachers and Deadly Doctrine

Be Christ like in all things.

Five Reasons Growth May Be More Difficult in Your Church

Growth is indeed more difficult in most of our churches today. We no longer have the large pool of cultural Christians from which to draw. But we can reach them. We must reach them.

When Should The Church Make Political Statements?

We never back away from teaching truth, of course, but when should the church make overtly political statements in response to current events?


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