Meditation Monday: When Things Go Bad

Pastor Todd began a new series in Daniel a couple of weeks ago. We are still in chapter one, but there is so much to draw from the well which could fill many blog posts. If you would like to track with us at Watson Chapel Baptist Church you may do so by clicking on the Sunday evening services.

The book of Daniel begins with tragedy. Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and his army come and just smash Judah into submission. Babylon took control of their nation, made a mockery of their temple and took the best and brightest of their youth, Daniel being one of them. All of this was the judgement of God on Judah for cheating on their marriage covenant with the Lord by synchronizing the worship of idols with the worship of Yahweh. Babylon became the tool of God’s judgement.

With Judah in disarray and Daniel, among other young people, find themselves living in a foreign land. What are they to do? What do you do when things go bad? How do you respond? What can we learn from Daniel?

Be The Person God Intended You To Be

We know that Babylon took many of the youth from Judah, but we only read of Daniel and three others who remained faithful to the Lord, which is a sad commentary of the culture of Judah’s community of faith. Maybe there was more that we don’t hear about but I am inclined to think there wasn’t. The reason being is when we are pressured by our peers, work and life to become less than what God intended, many times we give in to that pressure

Daniel is a great example of a person who found his identity in the Lord. We read in chapter one that Babylon did everything they could to strip Daniel of his identity, they even changed his name, and yet Daniel remained faithful to the Lord because when you are walking in step with the Lord you are being molded into the you God intended.

Where You Can Submit Be Submissive

Daniel was taken to a foreign land, externally stripped of his Jewish identity and forced to enroll in Babylon U. What do we see in Daniel? We see an attitude of submission to those in authority. As we see in later chapters, Daniel knew Babylon had the power to smoke him, Babylon could get rid of Daniel whenever they wanted. So Daniel responds in submission to authority when he can, but what happens when he can’t?

Where God Draws A Line You Draw A Line

When we read Daniel chapter one, we discover that Daniel complied with all of Babylon’s demands, until it came to eating the king’s food. Why? Daniel knew his Bible. Daniel knew, as a Jew he couldn’t enjoy the Babylonians version of The Whole Hog Cafe. Where God draws a line, submission to Babylon stops and submission to God continues.

Living for the Lord will cause you to stick out like a sore thumb. The Lord calls us to be different to move beyond finding your identity and security in worldly pleasures. The Lord calls us to find our identity in Him and that our lives be marked by the way we live. Obedience matters and to a watching world it looks strange.

Until Next Time

Live Out Loud

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