The Early Bird Gets The Link

Why Christians Should Care About Ideas
Christians should care about ideas because we care about people. We recognize the power of imagination to alter history and change culture. One of the ways we stand out from the world is by having a freed imagination to think and live differently than the world, in ways that cultivate beauty and grace.

10 Ways Disappointment Can Strengthen Your Faith

Our God lets nothing go to waste. No disappointment, large or small, can ultimately thwart his purposes, and nothing confuses him. God isn’t wringing his hands over circumstances that seem out of control, and he isn’t surprised by the things that surprise us.

Yes, You Can Please Your Heavenly Father

If you think, “I have to please God with my obedience because he is my judge,” you will undermine the good news of justification by faith alone. But you ought to reason this way: “I’ve been acquitted. The Lord is my righteousness. I am justified fully and adopted into the family of God for all eternity. I am so eager to please my Father and live for him.”

What Does The Shack Really Teach? “Lies We Believe About God” Tells Us

This is worth reading.

The Gospel and How We Grow

As disciple-makers, we constantly toggle our conversations between gospel need and gospel provision. The fact that sin is our fundamental struggle in this life is our most basic gospel need. It is sin that causes brokenness in us and chaos within the rest of creation. We lack any real power on our own to control our sin, just like we lack any real power to undue the futility that sin has caused in creation. The same dark force that makes you want to look at porn is also what causes tornadoes to rip through subdivisions and tsunamis to submerge islands. No part of the created realm has been untouched by sin. A disciple-maker is clear that the fight against sin is a spiritual battle that requires spiritual weapons. We cannot use our self-will to overcome sin.

How to help teens navigate sex

I think there are three big difficulties that make it hard to raise teenagers in the Lord in a thoughtful and wise way.


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