The Early Bird Gets The Link

Honor the author and the Author of the biblical text
The testimony of Scripture demands faithful interpreters understand both the intended meaning of the original human author and the divine intention of the ultimate author.

A Christian perspective on freedom of speech

But if the world is confused about free speech, Christians needn’t be. We support free speech for two simple reasons.

Four Ways Bible Teachers Can Reflect Christ

A great reminder for those who teach the Bible. 

9 Things You Should Know About International Women’s Day

Some very interesting facts provided by Joe Carter.

Are You a Christian or a Disciple?

So, if the first Christians didn’t call themselves Christians, what did they call themselves?

The Key to Your Lasting Happiness

The statement is worth chewing on for days:”If we believe the lie that saying no to sin means saying no to happiness, then no amount of self-restraint will keep us from ultimately seeking happiness in sin.”

5 Reasons You Desperately Need Your Bible

Ruth and Naomi’s story in the Old Testament reveals some urgent truths through illustration about why we need our Bibles right now and every single day. We should not bypass these truths because they are the difference between spiritual life and death; between conviction and apathy; between joy, peace, and strength and discontentment, anxiety, and fear; between knowing some things about Jesus and knowing Jesus intimately.


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