The Early Bird Gets The Link

10 Things I’d Do If I Were Raising a Son Today
I know boys become men. And, every man I know, whether or not he admits it, struggles at some level with confidence. He struggles to know he is enough, that he can do what God calls him to do. Every man is desperate for someone to believe in him.

Four Kinds of Deep Work

While insisting on the principle of Deep Work, Cal Newport admits that there are many different ways to integrate it into your schedule. In his book, he outlines four approaches.

Three Reasons to Include a Concise Summary of the Gospel in Every Sermon

I was persuaded of the wisdom of this approach about fifteen years ago. Having now followed it faithfully for over a decade, I can see many benefits of including a concise gospel summary in nearly every sermon. Here are three reasons why you should adopt this approach as well:

Five Ways Churches Can Encourage Members to Share on Social Media

So how can your church encourage your members to share your content with their friends? Here are five practices that we’ve seen work for churches who get their members to share and engage more often.

4 Ways to Start Memorizing Scripture

Here are four simple ways to memorize scripture. 

What Tolkien Did So Well, What We Do So Poorly

One of the great strengths of Tolkien’s work is its grounding in history. One of the great weaknesses of the contemporary church is its detachment from its own history. Few of today’s Christians have a clear sense of how the church came to be. They know of Acts and Reformation and Billy Graham, but the rest is a blur.

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