The Early Bird Gets The Link

Three lies we might easily believe
It is very much in the devil’s interests that we despair. If he can get us to believe any of these three demoralizing lies that he loves to whisper into our thoughts, our powers for Jesus are greatly diminished.

The Forgotten Hell

In today’s chipper church growth culture, hell has been forgotten. It’s common to hear preaching about things that make us happy, subjects that bring delight, and sermons that result in joy. Hell doesn’t do any of that—and for that reason, hell is often neglected, overlooked, and forgotten by many pastors.

How the Entitlement Mentality Crept into Our Churches

It provides a brief historical backdrop of the mentality that has crept into our churches, where many of our members think church is a place where I can always “have it my way.” For now, let me share some key reasons many of our congregations have become more like country clubs than churches, a place where some members demand their way instead of serving and self-sacrificing.

10 Things I’d Do If I Were Raising a Daughter Today

One thing I have observed, even in my own life, is what an important role a dad plays in a child’s life. And, again, watching others, it seems to me if the right foundation is set, the role of a dad can help a girl have confidence, feel loved and beautiful, and achieve great things. The right foundation can help a girl avoid, or at least recover, from many of the scars life naturally will bring. Even when a girl becomes a woman. And, the dad can play a huge role in establishing this foundation.

The Two Things We Must Say About the Transgender Debate

Kevin DeYoung helps us think through the transgender debate. 

The Most Important Motivation for Spiritual Discipline

Disciplining ourselves for Jesus is the same. There will be parts we don’t mind; some we even like; disciplines in which we have natural talent; but there will also be areas of struggle, hardship, and failure. If we are honest, there are even parts we hate.


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