The Early Bird Gets The Link

Prayer Isn’t Magic
But let’s take it a step further. Prayer isn’t magic, because we have no power in and of ourselves. Prayer is expressed helplessness. But also, prayer isn’t magic, because God isn’t helpless without our moving him or unleashing him or activating him in some way. I cringe every time I hear some well-intentioned preacher use the phrase “let God” — as in, “You have to let God take control of your life” and “You need to let God be God.”

Experiencing the Joy of Jesus

the joy that Jesus felt in beholding and enjoying the Father is the very joy that he wants to be in us. He wants us to enjoy the Father in the same way that he does!

The Problem Isn’t Happiness, But Seeking It in the Wrong Places

If Jesus walked around mostly miserable, it makes sense that we would. But if He was happy, shouldn’t we be happy too?

The Art of Missing the Holy Spirit’s Work in Your Child’s Life

I wonder why I didn’t see it sooner? Maybe because we don’t expect God to do big things in our kids’ hearts. We want them to love Him, and we want Him to love them. But, do we wait and watch with great anticipation, wondering all the time what great mountain-moving feat God will do in our little ones’ hearts? Do we expect much out of our children, spiritually, or do we just shoot for obedience and figure that interaction with the Holy Spirit will come later?

7 Bible Passages to Know before Jehovah’s Witnesses Knock on Your Door

Be ready always to give a reason for the hope that is in you. 


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